Mumbai- The Business Capital of India

Mumbai, which was previously known as Bombay is the state capital of Maharashtra . Mumbai city is known as the business capital of India, it being the country's principal financial and communications centre. The city has the largest and the busiest port handling India's foreign trade and a major Interntional airport. India's largest Stock Exchange which ranks as the third largest in the world, is situated in Mumbai. Here, trading of stocks is carried out in billions of rupees everyday.

Sight-Seeing in Mumbai City

Siddhi Vinayak Mandir

Siddhivinayak Ganapati Temple

The significant among places of worship in Mumbai is the Shree Siddhivinayak Ganapati Mandir situated at Prabhadevi. The old temple was consecrated on Thursday, 19th November 1801.
This temple is on the corner of Kakasaheb Gadgil Marg and S.K.Bole Marg in Prabhadevi. Siddhivinayak is famous and known as 'Navasacha Ganapati' or 'Navasala Pavanara Ganapati' in Marathi (Ganapati bestows whenever humbly genuinely prayed a wish) among devotees.
The idol of Shree Siddhivinayak was carved out of a single black stone and is 2feet 6inches (750mm) high and 2feet (600mm) wide with the trunk on the right. This is rather unusual appearance of Lord Ganesh. The upper right and left hands hold a lotus and an axe respectively while the lower right and left hands hold a rosary (japmala) and bowl full of 'Modak' respectively. As it resembles the sacred thread, a snake appears on the left shoulder to right side belly. On the forehead of deity is an eye, which almost looks like the third eye of Lord Shiva. On both sides of the Lord Ganesh idol, are placed one idol each of Riddhi and Siddhi goddesses who are appearing like peeping out of the Ganesh idol from behind. Because of these two deities along with Lord Ganesh, this temple is known as the Siddhivinayak Ganapati Temple. These goddesses signify sanctity, success, wealth and prosperity.
The devotees in large numbers started visiting the temple only after 1952 and the long standing Q's were seen 1965 onwards. The number of devotees visiting the temple started growing by real sense of Geometrical Progression.

Gateway of India

Mumbai's most famous landmark, The Gateway of India, is situated at Apollo Bunder. It was designed by George Wikket. It was built to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary to India in 1911. Through this magnificent monument, numerous viceroys and governors were welcomed to India as they disembarked from their steamers, hence the name.

Flora Fountain
(Hutatma Chowk)

This marvellous fountain was built in 1869, in honor of Sir Henry Bartle and Edward Frere. It is situated in the heart of the Mumbai city at a junction of five streets. The fountain has a figure of "Flora", the Roman Goddess of Flowers at the top.

Mahalaxmi Temple

This temple is situated very close to the sea off Mahalaxmi. This temple has three beautiful images of  Hindu goddesses, Mahalaxmi, Mahasaraswati and Mahakali which are made of  gold. During Navaratri festival, devoted Hindus throng this temple in great numbers to offer coconut, flowers and sweets to the goddesses.

Chowpatty Beach and Juhu Beach

Chowpatty beach is situated on Marine Drive. This beach is well-known for it's stalls selling "Bhel-Puri and Pani -Puri chaat" a favourite fast food among the Mumbaites and visitors to the city.
Juhu Beach is the most popular beach in Mumbai which is 30 kms away from the heart of Mumbai. It is a long stretch of sandy beach from Santacruz to Vile-Parle. This is a very popular beach for picnic. Both these beaches are crowded on week-ends.

Haji Ali

Haji Ali mosque, and the tomb of a Muslim saint, is located off shore, in the Arabian sea opposite Mahalaxmi temple. During high tide the walkway to the mosque is submerged in the sea and it can be visited only during low tide.

Kamala Nehru Park
Hanging Gardens

The giant Old woman's shoe in the Kamala Nehru Park  is very popular with children to play in.   One gets a panoramic view of parts of the city  from these parks situated at the height of Malabar Hill. When seen at night, the view of street lights of Marine Drive resemble a dazzling bejewelled   "Queen's Necklace". At sunset, the waterfall and fountains in the park are lit with colorful lights which are worth seeing. The Hanging Gardens surrounded by beautiful flower beds and lush green lawns are very popular as picnic spots.

Mount Mary Church

This is one of most prominent and splendid churches in Mumbai, situated in Bandra (West). During the month of September a week long fair is held which is

Mahalaxmi Race Course

Situated in Mahalaxmi, this racecourse is one of the best in the world. The racing season is for six months from October to April. It attracts huge crowds for heavy betting.

Nehru Planetarium Science Centre

This Science Centre is named after Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, India's first Prime-Minister. It is situated in Worli. It has a computer laboratory, mobile science exhibition units, a heritage hall, an auditorium, inflatable dome planetarium, science library and a children's science park.
The sky-show at the planetarium is very interesting with it's narration, sound effects and slide projections which combines entertainment with education. It has a library containing a large collection  of books on astronomy, astrophysics and space sciences.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Museum

This museum  stands not too far from the Gateway of India.   It has a priceless collection of art, sculpture, china and other antics. Carefully presereved, this mid-Victorian Gothic style building built in 1904 with beautiful gardens surrounding it, is worth visiting  in Mumbai.

Taraporewala Aquarium

Situated on the Marine Drive, this aquarium has fish in varying shapes, sizes and colour. It's a delight for children as well as grown-ups.

(Veermata Jeejabai Bhonsle Udyan)

These botanical  and zoological gardens have an interesting collection of flora and fauna. Apart from these, it also has a beautiful    gateway, an arched architctural screen  and a museum building in the Greco-Roman Style. A large stone elephant at the entrance is also worth seeing. These gardens are situated in Byculla.

Essel World
Amusement Park

Essel World is located on Gorai Island. It offers over 40 exciting rides, games, and attractions. The Water Kingdom is said to be the largest of its kind in Asia. This international-style theme park and amusement centre situated close to Gorai Beach is perfect for a one-day holiday. Special ferries get you across to the park and the entrance fee normally takes care of a fixed number of rides, which include the standard roller coaster and adventure themes, plus a water world section where kids can literally run amok. Summer is usually crowded, but the place also offers low budget monsoon packages and special deals on weekends.

Fantasy Land

Located at Jogeshwari, Fantasy Land provides many entertainment rides for those with appetite for adventurous rides. It is another amusement park made up of modern mechanism games for children and adults like Essel World. It is also a venue for fun and games for visitors of all ages. Fantasy Land, a fun park within the city limits of Mumbai, is enveloped in lush green landscape, spread on an area of 30 acres.

Sight-Seeing Outside The Mumbai City

Elephanta Caves

The Elephanta Caves are located on an island  about 10 Kms. away from the Gateway of India. These caves consist of temples carved from rock which date back to the 7th century.

The chief attraction is the three headed bust of Lord Shiva, popularly known as "Trimurti".
One can reach there by taking a ferry from Gateway of India.

Lonavala,Khandala, Karla Caves

Situated atop Western Ghats ( Mountain range) on Mumbai-Pune highway are the twin Hill resorts of Khandala and Lonavala. During monsoon the beauty of Khandala is enhanced when the clouds envelope them and several gushing waterfalls can be seen from the lush green hills. At Lonavala the Valvan and Bushy dams are worth visiting. When you drive a little further towards Pune from Lonavala, you reach Karla, where the famous Karla, Bhaja and Bedsa Caves are situated.